The daughter of the first American to be killed in combat in Afghanistan

Alison Spann made the remark about her father, Johnny "Mike" Spann, as military families across America

military families across America are preparing to mark the one-year anniversary of the turbulent U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

Mike Spann, a CIA officer, died in a November 2001

Spann says her father described himself as an "action person" and that his time in Afghanistan reflects that. 

When the United States is under attack, he was among the first to volunteer to go over into Afghanistan

Spann, who now works as a news anchor and reporter for WLOX in Mississippi,

says it is "heartbreaking" to see what life is reverting back to in Afghanistan one year after the Taliban reclaimed power

 There are allies still over there in Afghanistan... these are people that risked their lives and the safety of their familie

Spann also expressed concern about the restrictions the Taliban have been imposing upon women