‘The Good Nurse’ 2022 Story Discription-The storyline follows something like this that Jessica Chastain whose characters name is Amy, she plays the role of a nurse in a New Jersey hospital

. But for Amy the situation gets worse when she realizes that she has a serious cardiac condition that could kill her if she doesn’t have a heart transplant at proper time.

 Amy was like so relieved with that because at that time that kind of a person she was needing the most.

 But the twist of this story was about to take place in some time when Kim Dickens alerted the local authorities about the death of one of Amy’s patient and which was definitely not normal.

1. After investigation it was found that, that patient of Amy was given double dose of insulin which led her to death and the investigating officers started to dig the tunnel of the death scene, found that Mr Cullen was the one involved in all this matter and not only this hospital but also in other nine hospitals.

. And is it is to be mentioned that Mr Cullen was accused of killing 29 people officially but it was expected that the number could cross 100 or some more because there was no confirmation about some deaths that happened previously and nobody knew what went there actually.

One of the major things the movie lacks in is its cinematography, sound effects which sometimes look very dull and uninteresting to look at and also the dialogue deliveries

 Because in this kind of movie the creation and the situation of suspense should be portrayed properly.ome text

 As a typical crime movie the suspense should be its main spice but the director lacks in creating the proper environment and the screenplay was not that strong.t

 People should not expect a lot from this movie but if they are interested in trying something new so they can go for it . some text