More than 17 years later, the revelation that some Wisconsin state quarters have a flaw  has begun to make the round

The flaw is almost unnoticeable: An extra leaf extends from the corn husk, in one of two variations

There are actually two variations of the flaw:

The "down leaf" version, where an extra leaf moves horizontally outward.

The "up leaf" version, where what looks like a simple line connects to the first leaf and creates the appearance of two.

When the flawed coins first came to everyone's attention in 2005, most were only found in Arizona and Texas.

The flaw is the result of a lunch-break related error at the Denver Mint. 

The operator had stopped the machine upon noticing a flaw and left for a lunch break

When he returned, he saw the machine was running and assumed someone had changed the die.

The coin's release was part of the "50 State Quarters Program,"