Here’s an intriguing exercise from Steven Ruiz at the Ringer, who ranked all 32 starting quarterbacks entering Week 1

including New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston.

Coming off of an efficient seven-game start to 2021 

that got derailed by a major injury, Winston is now ranked at No. 17

almost making him a prime meridian within the league’s haves and have-nots.

To break it down further, Winston is part of a thin middle class at quarterback in Ruiz’s ranking

slotting in on the same tier as Trevor Lawrence , Kirk Cousins (81.7), Ryann Tannehill (81.4), Mac Jones (78.6), and Marcus Mariota (77.2).

It’s a group made up of a few highly-drafted youngsters and some embattled veterans trying hard to hang onto their starting jobs. 

They may or may not prove to be franchise quarterbacks — long-term solutions to the game’s most important position 

but they occupy the space between the league’s sure things and the passers who aren’t likely to cut the mustard.