The Sandman Season 1, Episode 11, "Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calliope," now streaming on Netflix. It also contains mention of sexual assault and harm to animals.

Prior to his capture and imprisonment by Roderick Burgess in 1916, Morpheus/Dream wasn’t exactly an empathetic ruler. Believing himself to be above humanity,

Morpheus prided himself in the creation of his realm -- The Dreaming -- as well as the dreams and nightmares that reside within it.

Since Morpheus was the King of Dreams, he didn’t respond to a higher authority and decided the rules of his realm.

which were never open for discussion, not even with his confidant Lucienne. This led to his own nightmares and dreams fearing Morpheus,

especially since he was also unforgiving of those who break his rules.

But after his imprisonment, Morpheus gained a new perspective on his own existence.

While he’s still not beyond punishing those who anger him, he is now more empathetic.

Having experienced the loss of his own freedom and power for over a century,

, Morpheus now feels inclined to help others in a similar position.