Tottenham boss Antonio Conte speaking to BBC Match of the Day: "The performance at the end was good  

because I had to consider everything. First of all Wolves, they signed some important players and if you see their starting 

11 you have to be a bit scared because they have one of the best midfields in this league. It is a really good team and in the first half we struggled a bit. 

"In the second half, we deserved to win. We created many chances to score. We stayed calm,  

focused and suffered and in the second half we created many chances to improve the final result. 

"Last season with the three teams we have played we lost. Now we have seven points and the team is continuing to improve."

On Harry Kane: "I know very well that Harry would like to exchange his personal achievements for a trophy and he is working very hard for this. 

"We are talking about a world-class striker but what makes me happy is not only with the ball 

that we have a top scorer, we have a player that is involved and works a lot for the team". 

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