A New York Yankees fan dared to venture into the unknown on Monday night, 

consuming a concoction unlike anything we've ever seen. During Monday night's game against the New York Mets,

an attendee was spotted creating an unusual way to consume alcohol. 

This fan used a paper straw to create a hole in his hot dog. He then dipped the hot dog into his beer, using the frankfurter as a makeshift straw. 

One may have a lot of questions watching this video. First on that list: Why? 

Given the price of stadium concessions, he probably spent a good amount on his hot dog straw 

But maybe he eats the beer-soaked hot dog once he's finished his beverage. 

While everyone was debating a hot dog's classification as a sandwich,  

, this bold fan changed the conversation entirely and made the hot dog a straw.  

Perhaps there's a method to his madness. Does anyone plan on trying a hot dog beer before the summer ends?