Where Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow sits compared to the rest of the NFL’s passer

is one of the more interesting conversations around the position.

Burrow, after all, just led the Bengals to the Super Bowl and was notably improved last season in key areas.

But detractors will point to things like a reliance on Ja’Marr Chase, etc., to spice up the debate.

The Ringer’s Steven Ruiz just dished his initial 2022 quarterback rankings with Aaron Rodgers at the very top.

Burrow doesn’t make an appearance until the ninth slot: “A TOUGH PLAYMAKER WITH DEADEYE ACCURACY

and sharp mind, Burrow just needs to add a few MPH to his fastball to break into the elite tier.”

Burrow lands an accuracy grade of 95 but an arm talent grade of just 76.

A creativity grade of 83 seems to bring things down, too.

It’s certainly an interesting conversation to have.