Why Anne Heche's Biography Is Selling For Hundreds Of Dollars After Her Death

Anne Heche wrote a memoir in 2001 called “Call Me Crazy.” In it, she spoke about the abuse she endured from her father as well as the success and hard

times she went through in the entertainment industry. Since her death earlier this month,

Fans heard the unfortunate news of actress Anne Heche’s death after multiple car crashes

in the course of a morning led to her vehicle being on fire. It seems like many fans

now want to get some insight into this 53-year-old actress’s life. According to ABC7,

copies of the book are currently rebranded as collectibles on Amazon with

hardcovers selling between $544.99-$589. Paperback editions are currently out of print which means

it is no longer being published. Online bookstores and libraries would

be the only options to get a copy but are in limited supply.