Any publicity is good publicity. A lot of buzz was generated around actor James Franco playing Fidel Castro. Actor/comedian John Leguizamo’s 

“How is this still happening to us? He ain’t latino!” And if you believe that was a serious case of miscasting, 

John, coming to TV this fall Hunter Biden stars in the Ray Romano classic reboot “Everybody Loves Hunter.”  

Everybody loved Stitches until our recent losing streak. Like the Yankees, we built a sizable lead and hope to hold on. Tampa Bay is at the Stadium where Nestor Cortes (9-3, 2.67 ERA) is 4-0 this year. 

Nasty Nestor, unhittable earlier in the season, has allowed seven runs in his last 16 innings but hasn’t lost since June. That was at Tampa Bay.  

Koepka — a four-time major champion — competed at the British Open last month ahead of his honeymoon with Sims. In the weeks prior to The Open, 

The Rays’ Jeffrey Springs (4-3, 2.56) has been solid. Limited the Brewers to two runs over five in his last start. Play 10 units on the Yanks. 

Bravo! Atlanta hit three homers, two against Carlos Carrasco, and beat the Mets 13-1. 

Cookie crumbled, so did our losing streak. Up +1,817 hammerinhanks. 

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