What is Amazon Pay? – How to use Amazon Pay

What is Amazon Pay? – You must have heard about Amazon, which is a popular e-commerce website, through which millions of people shop online according to their needs, but do you know about Amazon Pay, this important service of Amazon, that What is Amazon Pay? If you do not know, then let me tell for your information that Amazon Pay is an online payment service provided by Amazon, through which you can do online money transfer, mobile recharge, bill payment and many types of transactions.

If you want to use Amazon Pay to make online payment, but you are not aware of Amazon Pay Kaise Use Kare, then today I will tell you the step by step process of Amazon Pay Se Payment Kaise Kare.

You also get many types of features and offers on the Amazon website. You can avail these offers and facilities by using Amazon Pay Balance, but many people do not know about Amazon Pay Balance Kya Hota Hai, so I will tell you what is Amazon Pay Balance along with Amazon Pay Balance Kaise Use Today I will explain in detail about this too.

What is Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay is a digital online payment service. Using this, you can do all types of online transactions like money transfer, mobile recharge, DTH recharge, electricity bill and many more. To use it, you have to link your bank account with Amazon account, after that you can make any kind of online payment with the help of internet.

Under this you can debit /Credit CardYou can select Net Banking or Amazon Pay.

What is Amazon Pay Balance?

This is a digital wallet, which is a service of Amazon itself, to use Amazon Pay balance, you must have an account on Amazon, by adding money to it, you can directly use it for online shopping, mobile recharge, bill payment, loan payment etc. to make online payment.

Whenever you do a transection from Amazon Pay, and if you get cashback in it, then it gets directly added to your Amazon Pay Balance.

One important thing, you cannot transfer money to anyone with Amazon Pay balance money, you can only use it to make online payments.

How to do Payment from Amazon Pay

Let’s know the process of paying with Amazon Pey, which is very easy:

  • First of all open Amazon App.
  • On the home page of Amazon, you will see the option of Amazon Pey, click on it.
  • Select the one for which you want to make online payment.
  • After this, enter your UPI PIN, and confirm to make payment with Amazon Pey UPI Id.
  • Now your payment will be done with Amazon Pey.

Keep in mind that in order to pay with Amazon Pay, your bank account must be linked to the Amazon account.

How to use Amazon Pay 2022

To use it, you first have to create an account on it. If you already have an account on Amazon then you will not need to register. If you do not have an account on Amazon, then you can follow this post of ours. You can create your account on Amazon by reading this.

After creating an account on Amazon App, first of all open the app.


Here you get some options which you can use according to your need. With the help of this, you can add money to Amazon Pey Wallet.


  • Click Add Money – For this click on Add Money.
  • Enter Amount – Enter your amount in the next page that will open in front of you.
  • Enter Card Details – In this you have to enter the details of your card.

Now after this the process of usually payment will take place and now your balance will be added to Amazon Pey Balance. With this balance you can do shopping, recharge and bill payment.

This is in a way Amazon’s passbook, which contains the details of the payment made by you from Amazon Pey. How much balance is there in your wallet, what reward have you got in the Gift & Credit section.


If you have received any voucher or code for Amazon then you can redeem it here. For this, go to the menu of Add Gift Card and put that code in the box as it is. Your money will be added to your Amazon Pey Wallet.

You can go to this section for mobile or DTH recharge.


  • Enter Mobile Number – First enter your mobile number or Dth Number.
  • Enter Operator Name – After that enter Operator Name.
  • Enter Amount – And now enter the amount you want to recharge.

It contains all the settings related to your account in which you can make corrections.

  1. Setup Auto Reload

If the money in your Amazon Wallet is reduced, then you will not have to add money to it. By turning on this option, Amazon itself will add money to your wallet.

What is Amazon Pey Emi

Through this, a person who does not have a credit card can buy any product on Emi. If you are eligible to buy a product on Emi then it is necessary to complete One Time Setup to use Amazon Pey Emi. After which you can divide the amount of any product in 3 to 12 Emi.

How yo use Amazon Pay EMI

Follow the steps given below to use it.

First of all open Amazon App.

Now click on the product you want to buy.

After this you can see Amazon Pey EMI by clicking on EMI option.

The option of Amazon Pey Emi is available, then after checking out the product, come to the option of payment and select the option of Emi.

Select EMI Plans Then Click Payment

After this, select the EMI Plans according to you and click on Payment.
If you have not completed the option of Auto Repayment, then complete the process of Auto Repayment.

Benefits of Amazon Pay

If you use Amazon, then you also get some benefits of using it.

  • If you do online shopping, then you can pay with the help of this.
  • Using this you can also do mobile recharge, DTH recharge.
  • Electricity bill, mobile bill, gas bill, landline bill can also be paid.
  • You can book movie tickets for less money and with more cashback.


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