What is Fastag? – How Fastag Works, Types of Fastag Card

What is Fastag? and how it works Fastag is the road tax of the vehicle plying on the road, which we also call toll tax. What are the types of FASTag and how it is different for different types of vehicle like it is different for personal vehicle and it is different for government vehicle then it is different for vehicle like truck or JCB. Let us know what are the types of first tag and how it works and how to deduct money from our bank through first tag.

transport Department The department has made FASTag compulsory from 16 February 2022, it has been made mandatory by the department for all types of vehicles, due to this there are 2 crore users of FASTag cards and due to these, the Government of India has collected 80 crores from toll points. The revenue is generated everyday.

What is Fastag?

FASTag is a kind of card like we have ATM card or Delhi Metro card like if we travel daily in metro train, then we have to make smart card, similarly it is FASTag in which we have to recharge or We have to link with the bank so that our toll tax can be deducted. We can keep at least ₹ 100 and maximum ₹ 100000 inside the fastag card.

What is Fastag?

FASTag works on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, it is of two types, one is installed above the toll plaza, which is called active and the other is on our vehicle. Which is called passive, battery has to be charged in active and recharge has to be done in passive. The First Tag Card is placed on the top of our vehicle, due to which the train goes to the breaker and at the same time the payment is deducted from our card through our First Tag Card or the toll plaza tax is deducted and the gate of the toll plaza opens and We move forward, in the fast tag, there should be a distance of 4 meters between our car or the vehicle behind our car.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Fastag

the gain Loss
Our time is saved, otherwise we used to spend a lot of time in paying and taking man’s payment at the toll plaza, and Rafi’s line also used to take place. Fastag is a machine in which sometimes there is a technical problem due to which we have to pay manual payment or we have to change the route to get out.
Earlier, in paying manually, the engine of our car was running, due to which our petrol and diesel used to run, and the pollution is also less because the car does not stop there for a long time. If your car has entered the fast tag line and you have not yet installed the fast tag, then you have to pay double charge because then no one can violate this rule.
You will get a message about the amount you will pay from your bank or from your FASTag card. If your car is stolen, then after crossing the toll plaza, you will get a message that from which toll plaza your car has crossed. FASTag is an online transaction with no compromise
Due to the fast tag, it becomes easy to keep the accounts on the account, due to which the government does not need to set up a separate employment in doing corruption. Local people have problems at toll plazas, such as people whose home and work are both close to a 2 or 3 km toll and they have to come again and again, although the government has kept a separate toll plaza for these people. So that they do not face any problem in coming and going, but they have to register that it is near the toll plaza and they keep moving.
There will never be looting at the toll plaza, in the earlier times, the toll tax used to be collected throughout the day at the toll plaza, due to which the looting was happening more but now they will get rid of them. And many people did not pay money at the toll plaza due to grandfather, but now automatic payment will be deducted from their FASTag card. Clone fastag means someone else copies our fastag and puts it on his car, then his money will be deducted from our fastag card or will be deducted from our bank.
If the government (police) wants to track a person, it can easily find out which toll plaza this person has passed and then our privacy is also compromised in this.

Types of Fastag Card

There are seven types of FASTag cards, which have different colors, so let’s understand –

  1. Private vehicle or personal vehicle which has a FASTag which is of violet color.
  2. Pickup vehicles that do some minor work have an orange color card.
  3. If your car is 2xl then you will get first one card of green color
  4. If your vehicle is of 4-5-6 XL then you will get the first one card in pink color.
  5. 3 xl key then you will get the first one card of yellow color
  6. more than 7 xl then you will get first one card of skyblue color
  7. If there is any machinery like JCB, then a black color fastag card will be given for them.
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