What is ICSE Board? – ICSE Full Form, Meaning, Exam Pattern

What is ICSE board? If we will discuss about it through this article, then friends, let’s go ahead and try to know. All the parents of the country are very worried about the education of their children that in which school they should be admitted, which proves to be better for them and can do something in their life so that they do not have trouble in the future. Such concern is with all parents regarding their children.

And on the other hand, when it comes to getting the children admitted in the school for further studies, all the parents are of the view that the CBSE board should take it. Which board will prove to be better for them in ICSE board, because there are 2 important boards at national level for the country where CBSE board and ICSE board. Do you know that ICSE is such a board, in which the examination to be conducted is under the conduct of CISCE.

ICSE examinations are conducted for class X and XII. In which you have to choose your career. So friends, through this article you will know what is the full form of ICSE? What is its full form in Hindi? If we will discuss all these things in detail, then for this information you will have to read this article of mine carefully.

ICSE Full Form

Let’s know friends ICSE full form, then the full form of ICSE is (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education).

ICSE Full Form

Let friends know what is ICSE board full form in hindi? So friends, you have learned above that what is the full form of ICSE in English? Now know in Hindi – ICSE full form in hindi (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education).

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What does ICSE mean?

Let’s know friends, what is the meaning of ICSE or what is the meaning of ICSE? ICSE is a board in which the examination is conducted by CISCE (The Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations) i.e. Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations.

The Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) is considered a private, non-government education board of India. ICSE education which is headquartered in New Delhi.

When was ICSE established?

Friends, you have learned above what is ICSE board full form and ICSE full form in hindi? Now know that when ICSE was established? So for this, I have to read this article carefully till the end.

Do you know when ICSE was established? So for this first of all you should know that when ICSE was established and since when does it work? ICSE was established on 3 November 1958, by the University of Cambridge in India to conduct an examination in India. All the schools under this board follow the rules and syllabus made by this board.

Who is the head of ICSE?

The name of the head of ICSE is Gerry Arathoon (Chief Executive and Secretary) and G Emmanuel (President).

What is the exam pattern of ICSE Board?

For Group I and Group II External Examination – 80% Internal Assessment – ​​20%
For Group III External Examination – 50% Internal Examination – 50%
  • Group 1: Compulsory Subject – English, History, Civics & Geography, And Indian Language.
  • Group 2: In this you can select 2 Subject. Mathematics, Science, Environmental Science, Agricultural Science, Computer Science, Commercial Studies, Technical Drawing, Economics, A Modern Foreign Language, A Classical Language
  • Group 3: In this you can choose any subject. Computer Application, Economic Application, Commercial Application, Home Science, Art, Performing Arts, Cookery, Fashion Designing, Physical Education, Yoga, Technical Drawing Application.

Difference Between ICSE Board and CBSE Board

Friends, now we will know how different ICSE is from other boards? As we all know that apart from ICSE, there is also a CBSE board in India. In ICSE only you are taught in English medium whereas in CBSE board it is not so. In this, apart from English medium, you are also taught in Hindi medium. So let’s know what else is the difference.ICSE vs CBSE,

  • In ICSE you are taught only in English whereas in CBSE you are taught in both English & Hindi.
  • In ICSE board, you are given more emphasis on languages, arts and other subjects. Whereas in CBSE you are given more attention on Science and Maths.
  • In CBSE board more attention is given to theory whereas in ICSE board more attention is given to practical.
  • There are fewer students in ICSE, due to which every teacher has the attention of every student. And in this, the students are also taught the skills of their choice.
  • ICSE board is considered to be a bit difficult board as compared to other board. ICSE board exams are conducted every year during the months of February and March and the results are out by May-June. The CBSE board exam is conducted in the month of March.


Advantages of ICSE Board

ICSE board is one such important board, which mainly focuses on the holistic development of the child and its curriculum is balanced and efficient. ICSE syllabus is more comprehensive and enhances practical knowledge and analytical skills in the students.

Special attention is given to high quality subjects in ICSE. In this course, students are asked to choose specific subjects according to their mind. Only English is taught in this board. So students who want to read and learn in English. This is the very best option for all those students.

ICSE Board ka Helpline Number

How can you make a complaint or suggestion in ICSE? For this, you are being given a helpline number on which you can call and register your complaint.

  • Phone: 011-29564831/ 011-29564833/ 011-29564837

So hopefully you must have understood that what is ICSE?, What is ICSE Full Form? If you liked the information, then do share it with your friends. And by commenting, tell me how did you like this article.

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