What is Volkswagen IQ. Drive and Features

What is Volkswagen IQ. Drive and Features

Volkswagen is a German based car company. The company was founded back in the year of 1937 on 28th May.

It is a multinational company and the headquarter of company is located at Wolfsburg in Germany. Volkswagen was founded by German Labour Front. Two key persons of Volkswagen are Ralf Brandstaetter he is the CEO of Volkswagen along with him Thomas Schafer he is the CEO of Volkswagen passenger cars. IQ. Drive is a technology in Volkswagen cars, it is a support for steering it helps to increase the speed or to decrease the speed of the car. It keeps the head of the driver calm during driving because the driver don’t have to take too much headache for increasing or decreasing the speed of the car.

This technology provides a great security and safety on road. Let’s have a brief discussion about this technology.

What is Volkswagen IQ. Drive discussion in detail-: The features of this technology are—


1. ACC-:

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), these features help when the road is busy or the get stuck into jam, it helps the car to continue cruising. When the car was in jam it helps driver to identify other cars that are behind, in-front or beside. It also helps to maintain both speed and distance between the car and other cars.

2. Active Blind Spot Monitor-:

This feature helps the car to be safe from those things that are not visible to the driver. At the time when the driver driving the car by focusing only in-front, this feature alert driver from those vehicles or animals that are coming from behind or beside.


Rear Traffic Alert (RTA), this feature helps when the driver reversing the car for parking or for some other reason. It is not always possible for the driver to see what there in behind this alert feature helps to identify those things that came in between the car during reverse.

4. Front Assist-:

This is an alert for a future accident. When the driver is driving the car at full speed it may cause an accident if any car or pedestrians that passing by came in such a place where a collision can occur, at that time it automatically recognises that and alert the driver to stop the car before the collision. However, if the driver can’t apply the break in time, it automatically applies break before the collision occur.


5. Emergency Assistant-:

If a situation occurs when driver can’t able to stop the car for any reason, it will stop the car before any accident or problem occur. Firstly, it will give the driver an alert signals many times but if no response is received from the driver, then it will automatically control the car and stop it before anything will happen.

6. Lane Assistant-:

If the car is moving into another lane without the turning signal from the driver, then it will alert the driver. To avoid this kind of situations activate the counter steer mode it will help the car to stay in the correct lane.

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