Whatsapp Loan : IIFL Finance Giving Loan Through Whatsapp

The country’s well-known finance company IIFL Finance has come out with a new facility for loans, through this new facility, the candidates who want to take the loan can now apply for the loan through their WhatsApp, and can get the loan.

You can take loan up to 10 lakhs

If you need a loan, then you can take a loan of up to 10 lakhs through WhatsApp through IIFL Finance. This loan amount is not fixed, the loan amount keeps on fluctuating due to the credit score of the candidate. But if your credit score is good, then you can get a loan up to 10 lakhs.

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Whatsapp Loan : IIFL Finance Giving Loan Through Whatsapp

Loan is available without physical documents/meeting

If we apply for a loan, then we have to give a lot of documents and also have to hold meetings when needed, due to which a lot of our precious time is wasted. But this is not the case with IIFL Whatsapp Loan, you do not need any physical document to apply for this loan, nor do you have to attend any kind of meeting.

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Loan is available at 20% per annum interest –

If you take a loan from any small finance bank, then you have to pay interest from about 22 to 25% (per annum). But the loan on Whatsapp which is currently being given by IIFL Finance, you have to pay only 20 to 21% interest on this loan.

How to apply for IIFL Finance WhatsApp Loan –

To apply for the loan, first of all you should save this 9019702184 Whatsapp Number in your mobile. After saving the number, send it by typing Hi on this number. As soon as you send by typing Hi, the process of applying loan will come on your number, now you can complete the process and apply for loan.

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