Who invented the Bulb? – What is Bulb, Types of Bulbs

Who invented the bulb? – This is a very interesting question. Long before today, when there were no bulbs, people used to use candles and diyas to light the houses. But there is also the possibility of an accident with a candle. Sometimes we keep candles on any plastic thing in our homes, so it can catch fire.

But since the technology of the bulb has come, it has become very easy to have light in life. The credit of all this goes to Thomas Alva Edison, who has connected the world with light with his hard work. Today, due to the invention of the bulb, bulbs have been installed on all roads and all such places, where people were afraid to go long ago. So let us first know in this article, what is a bulb? And after this who will know who invented the bulb

what is bulb?

The bulb is also known as incandescent lamp or incandescent lamp. Incandescent means, the removal of light through excess heat of any object is called incandescence, the best example of this is the bulb. The bulb is made of glass, with a very thin filament inside it. When current passes through this filament, it heats up and produces light. Argon gas is used inside the bulb. Bulbs come in different lugs according to size and wattage. It comes from 1 watt to 400 watt. But bulbs consume a lot of electricity even for normal lighting. After which the Led Bulb was invented. Led bulbs produce more light than incandescent bulbs, and consume less electricity.

who invented the electric bulb Was?

The bulb was invented on 14 October 1878 by Thomas Alva Edison. He was an American inventor and scientist. He invented the electric bulb. This bulb produced light through electricity. When it is combined with electricity, it produces light when heated. It took Thomas Alva Edison about a year and a half to make this bulb. When the first bulb was invented and lit, this bulb was lit continuously for 13 hours.

Apart from the bulb, Thomas Alva Edison invented many other devices, including motion picture cameras, transmitters, alkaline storage batteries, and gramophones. Edison used many metals in the electric bulb. In which he also used carbon, and platinum. But platinum metal was getting very expensive. After this, Edison made a complete success of carbon filament metal in it. Patented electric bulb in his own name.

what are the types of bulbs?

There are many types of bulbs, which include incandescent, LED and CFL etc. Out of this, there are also such bulbs, which save energy in your home. So let’s know, how many types of bulbs are there –

1. Incandescent

Incandescent bulb is an old time bulb, which is way cheaper. Which was created by Edison in the 1800s. This bulb is cheap, and made with common technology. Most of the people use them in their homes. But it consumes a lot of electricity. Which increases your electricity bill.

2. Fluorescent

Fluorescent bulbs are used in commercial and industrial buildings. You can also see them in large schools including shops, banks and many public buildings. This bulb is not useful for planting in homes. Fluorescent bulbs consume less energy than incandescent bulbs. It takes a while for the fluorescents to light up completely after turning on. The inside of the fluorescent bulb is filled with mercury gas for more brightness, if this bulb breaks, then the mercury gas comes out, which can cause trouble in breathing.

3. CFL

CFL bulbs give more light than fluorescent bulbs. It works like a fluorescent tube. A 60 watt incandescent bulb gives the same amount of light as a 15 watt CFL. The cost of Watt bulb is also less.

4. LED

LED bulbs are useful for a long time, and they are also expensive. We can also see LED technology in TVs, speakers and many other things. Even if you get a cheap LED bulb, that too can burn for about 10,000 hours. Same if we talk about hot or incandescent bulb, then it burns less. And it is also safer than all other bulbs.

history of the invention of the electric bulb

The bulb was first invented by Thomas Alva Edison. Although many scientists had tried to make bulbs even before Edison, but all failed. But among them Humphrey Davy was a scientist who invented the electronic bulb in 1802. Humphrey Davy designed a battery that, when connected to an electric wire, emitted light into the carbon. Which is called the electronic bulb. But there was a problem in this, it did not give light for long, this invention was named Electric Arc Lamp.

After some time in the year 1840, Warren de la Rieu, who was a British scientist, put Coiled Platinum Filament in a vacuum tube and made electricity flow in it, whose main purpose was to keep Platinum’s High Melting Point at HIgh Temprature and put some gas molecules in it. will be reacted with platinum, which will keep the light longer than before. But this invention was also not completely successful, because platinum is more expensive.

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After this, in the year 1850, Joseph Swan prepared an electronic bulb using glass from Carbonized Paper Filaments. But it lacked a good vacuum and electricity inside, due to which it could not give light for long. But as soon as good vacuum pumps came in the market, Joseph Swann resumed his experiment after this. And on December 18, 1870, a lamp was made using Corbon Road, which was displayed at the meeting of the Newcastle Chemical Society.

But it broke due to excessive power. Some changes were made to it again, and it was displayed again on January 17, 1879. Nevertheless, it had some shortcomings, which were completed and demonstrated at the meeting of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne on 3 February 1879. Due to which it was not worth selling in the market right now.

After this, he made some improvements on Carbon Filament, which was prepared with the help of cotton, which was named Parchmentised Thread. Which was obtained on 27 November 1880. But in the year 1878, Thomas Alva Edison got the bulb patented in his name on 14 October 1878 under the name of Improvement in Electric Lights. This was the world’s first bulb, which was sold in the market.

Note – In this article We have been told that Who invented the bulb? In which apart from the invention of the bulb, you have also been told, what is a bulb? If you have any question related to this article, then you can tell us by commenting. If you liked this article, then please do share this article with your friends, thank you.

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