Yo WhatsApp Latest Version Download v20.30

Yo WhatsApp Latest Version Download v20.30 – There is a Messenger App, which is official WhatsApp There is a modified version of . In this, apart from Chatting or File Sharing, you can also take advantage of many other features such as changing theme, downloading status, changing text color or applying pattern lock etc. If you also want to know what is Yo WhatsApp and how to download Yo WhatsApp, then in this article you will get complete information about it.

In today’s time WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. With its help, users can send photos, videos and voice messages along with chatting to their friends or family members. It is currently used by millions of people around the world. Even many businessmen talk to their clients through WhatsApp only.

With the changed technology, everyone wants that they get some interesting and new features. In view of this, third-party developers have introduced Mod Applications of WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp And FMWhatsApp I have made it fun by updating new features. If you also want to take advantage of the additional features of u whatsapp, then for this you have to download yo whatsapp 2022 in your mobile.

If you want to download yo whatsapp but you don’t know how to download yo whatsapp 2022, then further we have told you the complete process to download yo whatsapp Apk Download.

What is yo whatsapp?

YoWhatsApp APK is one of the best Modern Messaging Application created by software developer Yoursef Al Basha. In this, many extra features are provided as compared to the official WhatsApp – for example you can apply your favorite theme in You WhatsApp, hide your WhatsApp status, remove Blue Ticks.

Its these features make it different from the official WhatsApp. However, nothing can be said about the privacy of YouWhatsApp. So use it at your own risk.

App Name Yo WhatsApp
App Size 50.07 MB
Version Latest Version (v20.30)
Required Version Android 4.4 or above
Total Downloads 10M+
Latest Updated Yesterday!

Requirements for YOWhatsApp

  • Good Internet Access (or WiFi Connection)
  • access device location
  • access to contact list
  • access to device gallery
  • device identification
  • It does not require device root.

Download Yo WhatsApp Latest Version v20.30

When it comes to downloading an app Android And iOS Users own Play Store Or go to the Apple App Store only. But let us tell you that Yo WhatsApp is a mod app, so we cannot download Yo WhatsApp from Google Playstore or Apple App Store.

It is very easy to download Yo WhatsApp 2022, if you want to download You WhatsApp, then you can easily download Yo WhatsApp 8.16 to the latest version 19 by clicking on the link given by our website. For which you have to follow these steps –

1. To download YoWhatsApp Apk first, go to the ‘Settings’ of your phone and click on the ‘Security’ option.

2. After this, you will see the option of ‘Unknown Sources’, enable it by clicking on it.

3. Now click on the download link given above to download ‘Yo WhatsApp App’.

4. After ‘Yo WhatsApp Apk’ is downloaded, ‘Install’ it.

5. Now open the app and enter your ‘Mobile Number’ in it and click on Next.

6. Now an ‘OTP’ will come on the number you entered, which is a verification code to activate WhatsApp.

In this way, you can take advantage of its fun features by downloading Yowhatsapp Apk on your Android Phone. Note, Yo WhatsApp is only available for Android users, you can use it iPhone Cannot use. Download Yo WhatsApp by following the above process and the latest version of 2022.

Yeh toh baat hui about how to download yo whatsapp 2020 or download yo whatsapp 2021. Now next we are going to tell you the great features of the latest version of Yo WhatsApp Hindi, knowing about which if you are using any old version of it, like Yo WhatsApp 2021 by downloading, then would like to update it immediately. . Therefore, the process of how to do Yo WhatsApp Update 2021 has also been told to you further.

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Features of Yo WhatsApp

Yo WhatsApp is such a messaging app in which you can keep your privacy secure along with customization. More than one Advance Features are available on this, which attracts the users. Let’s know about the top features of Yo WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Themes –

This is one of the most amazing feature of this app in which users can put any theme in their chat section.

Audio and Video Call Disabled –

In Yo WhatsApp, you also get the option to disable audio calls and video calls, which makes it different from the original WhatsApp.

App Customization –

In Yo WhatsApp, apart from changing the theme, you can also change the icon color and text design of the app.

Download Status –

Yo WhatsApp also lets you download the status of others.

Typing Feature Hide –

In original WhatsApp, if we type a message to someone, then he knows that we are sending a message, but in Yo WhatsApp, we can hide this thing from the front.

Hide Blue Tick –

If you do not want anyone to know that you have seen his message, then you can easily remove Blue Tick and Second Tick using this feature.

App Lock Feature –

Many people want that their WhatsApp cannot be seen by anyone, in view of this, Yo WhatsApp has made Inbuilt App Lock so that you can lock your WhatsApp.

Chat Pin –

In Yo WhatsApp, you can pin and keep more than 1000 Chats, which is a great feature compared to the original WhatsApp.

Message Without Number Save –

Yo WhatsApp allows you to send messages without saving the number which the official WhatsApp does not provide us.

How to update yo whatsapp?

Every user wants to use “New Features” for which it is necessary to update the app. However, for this you should know which version of yo whatsapp you are using. Follow the steps given by us to know how to update yo whatsapp 2022 or update yo whatsapp.

  1. First of all open yo whatsapp in your mobile.
  2. After this click on the 3 dots given on your right side.
  3. After clicking on 3 dots, you will see the option of “Help” at the bottom, click on it.
  4. As soon as you click on it, below you will see the option of “App Info”, click there to check the version.

In this way you can update your old Yo WhatsApp 2021, Yo WhatsApp Update 2020, etc. versions to the new version.

Keep in mind, Yo WhatsApp update option is not yet provided by YoWhatsApp. You will need to re-download the latest version apk from third-party websites to get the new features added. However, as soon as its new version will be released, you can get it from our page, to get the latest updates, you can get our Crazeenews You have to stay connected to the website.

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How to Install Yo WhatsApp on PC

If you want to download Yo WhatsApp Apk on PC, then let us tell you that it is made only for the phone. computer either Laptop You need to download Bluestack Emulator to run it. Through this Bluestack emulator, you will not only be able to run Yo WhatsApp, but you will also be able to play many Android applications and games along with it. Follow the steps given below to download Bluestack Emulator.

  1. First in PC or Laptop Chrome Open the
  2. Now download the Bluestacks Emulator file in Chrome from the Bluestack.com website.
  3. As soon as the Bluestack file is downloaded, install it on your computer or laptop.
  4. Now connect your mobile with computer or laptop.
  5. Then open Yo WhatsApp on your PC.
  6. Now you can use it easily.

How to create account in Yo WhatsApp?

Creating an account in You WhatsApp is very easy. For this you have to follow some easy steps given below.

  • Open YO WhatsApp App in your mobile and enter your mobile number in it.
  • Now on the mobile number entered by you OTP If it comes, put it in the given box.
  • Now click on ‘Ok’ button.
  • After this you have to upload your name and profile photo.

Now you can use Yo WhatsApp on your mobile and enjoy its fun features.

yo whatsapp backup

Follow these steps to back up Chats, Photos or Videos in Yowhatsapp Apk-

#1. First of all, “Open” Yo WhatsApp in your mobile.

#2. Now you will see the option of “3 Dots” on the top left side, click on it.

#3. After that a list will open in front of you, where you will get the option of “Settings” at the last, go to it.

#4. Now a new page will open in front of you, in which you will get the option of “Chat”, click on it.

#5. Now on the next screen you will see the option of “Chat Backup” at the bottom, click on it.

After clicking on the option of Chat Backup, your chats will start backing up, after which you can update Yo WhatsApp.

Difference between Yo WhatsApp and WhatsApp

Through the table given below, I have tried my best to tell you what is the difference between Yo WhatsApp and WhatsApp. After watching this, you will get answers to all your questions.

S.NO Features Yo WhatsApp WhatsApp
1. Airplane Mode
2. Theme Support
3. Security Lock Facility
4. Video Calling Manage
5. Anti-Delete Messages
6. Anti-Delete Status

Disadvantages of Yo WhatsApp

Whatever has advantages, it also has some disadvantages, in the same way Yo WhatsApp also has disadvantages. Let us know what are the disadvantages of Yo WhatsApp app –

  • Like the original WhatsApp, you do not get End to End Encryption in Yo WhatsApp, due to which it is not as secure as WhatsApp.
  • There is no automatic update in Yo WhatsApp, which is provided only by the official WhatsApp.
  • Yo WhatsApp is not available on Play Store.
  • you yo whatsapp backup Google Drive I can’t take


So friends here we have told you what is yo whatsapp and how to download u whatsapp? Gave all the information about it, which you must have liked. So you have seen how easy it is to download You WhatsApp. If you are bored by running your official WhatsApp, then you can download Yo WhatsApp.Yo WhatsApp Latest Version Download

Friends, how did you like our information, definitely tell us in the comment box below. If you have any question regarding this post that how you can download WhatsApp, then you must tell us, our team will definitely help you. To get more updates related to similar technology, stay connected with us on Hindi help.

Yo WhatsApp FAQ

  • What is Yo WhatsApp?

Yo WhatsApp is the MOD version of the original WhatsApp app. It has many more features than the original WhatsApp.

  • Which country’s app is yo whatsapp from?

Yo WhatsApp (Yo WhatsApp) is an app from the country of Iraq, developed by Yousef Al-Basha.

  • Can yo use whatsapp on iphone?

No, you can’t use it on iPhone. Yo WhatsApp is only available for Android users.

  • Is it safe to use yo whatsapp?

Not! Because it is made by a third-party developer, which is a mod version of the original WhatsApp.

  • What is required to download yo whatsapp?
  1. First of all you must have an Android Phone.
  2. If you want to download Yo WhatsApp, then for this you have to uninstall the official WhatsApp.
  3. Internet connection is required.
  • Is YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus different?

Yes, all of them are different from each other and provide different advanced features.

  • What are the drawbacks of YO WhatsApp?

The biggest drawback of YO WhatsApp is that this app is not secure at all. It is slow and there is also the problem of data backup.

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