young Royals Season 2:When do Young Royals season 2 come out on Netflix

The one and only most anticipated show: when do young royals season 2 come out on Netflix?-Have you watched the trailer of Young Royals season 2? If yes then no problem but if the answer is no, then you must go now and watch it out. Because the new season is about to drop on November 1st, 2022. The show is originally in Swedish and the first season was released in 2019. The drama was very much loved by the audiences and received positive responses from the critics. After that, it’s been almost three years and finally, all the speculation is over. As the successive season is coming back on November 1st at midnight.

young Royals Season 2

Season 1 recap:

The first season gave us a very heartbreaking ending. As nobody loves tragedy, fans were expecting a second season. A young man named Prince Wilhelm joined a new boarding school and his life started to experience a lot of changes. Things take different arches when Wilhelm fell in love with a scholarship student called Simon. Their love story didn’t terminate well because somehow they are the sex tape was released online and it turned out to be a sad story. Misunderstandings take place as they don’t know how it happened. That’s how season 1 bid goodbye

Cast :

  • Edving Ryding as Prince Wilhelm
  • Omar Rudberg as Simon
  • Malte Gardinger as August

When the second season will come?

As I mentioned earlier, the new season with six episodes drops today which is November 1st, but according to the time zone fans around the world can watch it at different times. Here are some of the most crowded time zones provided below –
United States (PDT): 12 AM
United States(EDT):3 AM
India(New Delhi): 12.30 PM
United Kingdom: 7 AM
Japan: 4 PM
And other time zones accordingly.

What to expect from Season 2:

Wilhelm will try to reconcile his romance with Simon. His emotional disaster turned out more severe after their breakup last time. But on the other hand, Simon seemed not so interested in the relationship once more. On the other side, it is also to be found if Simon discovers or not that August is behind all of this. The turbulence of the drama is yet to take a lot of turns as we can see. So wait no more and assemble your popcorn. 

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