Aakasam 2022 Telugu Movie Review


Aakasam Telugu Movie Review- The south movie industry is making history with its extraordinary content. For the past few years, there have been some amazing movies of different genres. Some of them are huge box office hits and some of them are not. But all of them are pretty much critically acclaimed . Overview : … Read more

Netflix: Ryan Murphy’s ‘Dahmer: Monster’ 2022 series is all the creeps you need!

Jeffrey Dhamer on netflix

Ryan Murphy’s ‘Dahmer: Monster’ series at Netflix- Serial killer? Umm you heard it right . The world is diverse and so are the people. There’s so many different kinds of people around the world. And none of them are same . There are people who kills other we call them murderer. That’s very common. We … Read more

“The surreal life” Release on VH1 2022 review: cast, plot, trailer, and everything else we know

 “The surreal life” Release on VH1 2022 review:The American reality television series The Surreal Life is about monitoring the daily activities of celebrities under the same roof. A group of selected celebrities lives together in a massive mansion in the Hollywood hills for two weeks. Not only the daily activities were being recorded by the … Read more

“Kamen Rider Black Sun” 2022 Release on Amazon Prime video: Review by Audiance

Kamen Rider Black Sun is a Japanese live-action superhero science fiction dark fantasy conspiracy web series and 1987 series Black Rider Sun reboot version. Ishimori productions and Toei co-produced the series. Kazuya Shiraishi directed the web series. Amazon Prime Video released the web series worldwide on October 28, 2022. Amazon Prime Video gives 18 plus … Read more

‘Appan’ 2022 Review: Release Date, Cast, Story and Platform

‘Appan’ 2022 Review: “Appan” is currently streaming on Sony Liv While the “Appan” trailer has been painstakingly cut, the producers have made sure that not much is disclosed in the promo, which also adds to Appan’s intrigue and highlights the actors’ outstanding performances. Since the publication of the video, Appan has garnered praise for its … Read more

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