Lies of P: How To Exit The Game in Right Way

Lies of P: It’s really important to know how to stop playing Lies of P the right way so you don’t lose your progress or the things you’ve earned in the game. Like other tough games, Lies of P can be exciting, confusing, and sometimes frustrating when you explore it and fight tough bosses. These bosses are hard to beat, so it’s smart to learn how to leave the game without losing your progress.

Leaving Lies of P is simple and won’t take much time; you just need to press a button. But you should be careful about when and where you stop the game to make sure everything stays safe and sound. So, remember these things when you decide to stop playing.

Lies of P
Lies of P

How To Exit Lies Of P in Right Way

To exit Lies of P the right way, here’s what you do:

  1. If you’re playing on an Xbox, press the Menu button on your controller. If you’re on a computer using a keyboard, hit the Esc key. This will open the main menu of the game.
  2. Now, choose the last option in the menu, which is called “Settings.” If you’re on Xbox, use the LB and RB buttons to get there. If you’re on a computer, just use your mouse to click on it.
  3. In the Settings menu, you’ll see two choices: “Title Screen” and “Close Game.”
  • “Title Screen” takes you to a screen where you can explore more settings or completely exit the game by pressing the “Close Game” button.
  • “Close Game” simply shuts down Lies of P without taking you to the Title Screen.

4. When you pick one of these options, a message will pop up saying, “Your progress will be saved, and you will be returned to the Title Screen. Do you wish to continue?” This message lets you decide when and where your game progress gets saved. Lies of P also automatically saves your progress when you do important things like beating tough enemies, making important choices, and more.

So, you have control over when and how your progress is saved in Lies of P.

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Lies of P

Platform(s) PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One
Released September 19, 2023
Developer(s) Round8 Studio, Neowiz

For extra safety, try not to use the “Close Game” option too much. Instead, it’s safer to go back to the Title Screen first and then quit the game. This way, you won’t lose any progress, especially if you’ve been trying to beat a tough boss in Lies of P for a while. But if you need to close the game quickly, it’s okay to use the faster option because your progress will still be saved.

When you’re playing casually, it’s best to choose a safe place in the game before you quit. For example, it’s safer to quit Lies of P inside Hotel Krat or near a Stargazer than in the middle of a battle, even if you’ve already beaten all the enemies.



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